When your past feels like a perfect pair of jeans…

Ever ask yourself, “Why, knowing I have been made new, been redeemed, been transformed…why do I still pick up the crap from my past?”

I have asked that question a lot lately. 

For me its always been a comfort thing. “Old Me” just feels more comfortable. When you think about it, it makes sense. The old self was one that we all wallowed in for YEARS and became comfortable with. Like that perfect pair of jeans that have been worn in and just feel PERFECT when you’re rocking them. They go with everything too…nice shoes, sneakers, flip-flops…so putting them on feels good. Unlike those new jeans we buy. They might feel good at first, feel right, but they still don’t feel quite like those broken-in perfect jeans from the back of the closet. 

Something I’ve been learning though is this. Remember when you first got those now perfect jeans? They didn’t quite feel right either. They felt funny for a time but the more you put them on, the more you fell in love with them. Over time they became your favorite pair of jeans and now you wouldn’t trade them for anything. So it is with how being made new can look in our lives. 

Being made new and walking “in Christ” can take a little getting used to. The old sinful nature is so easy, so perfect looking, so comfortable because we sat in that for so long. BUT, the more we walk in Christ and let his love rest on our hearts the more the “old self” begins to look strangely dim.

So today, if you’re looking at those “old jeans” and thinking about putting them on I would encourage you not to. Pick up the new ones. The ones handcrafted by the Father that may still take a little getting used to, but the more you walk in them…the more they will become your new favorite pair. 

In Love,


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