Who do you let speak into your life?

Joy here and it’s true, I love people! I may love people a little too much because my inner circle is a bit bigger than it should be. I love to ask advice from lots of people, but last night at Bible Study the topic was choosing careful those that you let speak into your life. 

God clearly calls us to love everyone. It is completely fine to befriend someone who does not look at the world the way you do. However, allowing someone with a different world view than you to be in your closest inner circle is dangerous. You don’t want your spiritual and emotional advice coming from someone who doesn’t even believe the same way that you do. I am learning that I need to be more choosy in who I go to for advice. 

The Bible talks about how we take on the “yoke” of Christ in Matthew 11:30 and 2 Corinthians 6. Animals were always yoked together to do work in Bible times, so we are going to be in the yoke WITH someone. Our parents and siblings are a given in our lives, but our friends are people that we CHOOSE to do life with. Who is in your inner circle? Do they have the same worldview that you do?

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