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What do you do when someone you love walks away from faith? We caught up with Daniel from Hawk Nelson to talk about Jon Steingard's recent announcement that he no longer believes in God.

When author and speaker Carlos Whittaker witnessed his neighbor take a black can of paint to a white bunny in his front yard, it led to a beautiful moment and a conversation on racial bias. He talked about that viral video, how we as the Church should address the current movement, and hope for the future. Carlos's book "Enter Wild" is available now!

When I was in youth group, there was a song we’d sing frequently that had the line, “Break my heart for what breaks Yours.” At the time, I remember thinking, “Starving kids in Africa. That’s what breaks God’s heart. I have Christianity figured out! Yay me!” It wasn’t until years later that I realized that patting myself on the back for having things "figured out" was far too premature. Over the past few weeks, we’ve…

When he was 15, Keegan won a trip to Camp Electric where he studied songwriting. Five years later, that training paid off when he showed up on an episode of Songland and WON!!