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I really wanted to title this one "Nerd of the Dance" but since I don't really know New Girl Stace's Fiance that well I didn't.  They were going to take dance lessons to get ready for their first dance as husband and wife but when you see Nick dance you will see why they canceled.  You don't put paint on the Mona Lisa.

Every time Zach goes to Florida he scours every lake, river, and stream for alligators, but has never seen one.  I guess he has just been looking in the wrong place cause this river in Florida is full of them. EMBED-Alligators Overrun Swamp At State Park - Watch more free videos

We are very excited to be heading to Ethiopia with World Vision. We are taking the winners of our Best Worst Trip of You Life Contest, Kaylah and her dad, Dan. This is the kind of thing that forever changes the way you see the world, your faith and God. We will be sharing our journey here at TA.comView Global Axxess: Ethiopia in a larger map

This is from a dance school where white people send their kids to learn ballet and for fun most dance studios have a hip hop class and they are so not street it’s not funny....or maybe it is.

Matt, from SuperChick, and I go to the same church and it was cool to see him get baptized, but I couldn't help but notice how long the pastor and he talked.  I wonder what they were talking about...

In order to earn another one of their songs played on the show Michael Tait had to step up for the band and play Minute To Spin It.