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Meet Rebie

Rebie Headshot (B&W)

Rebie: Digital Girl/Blog Reporter

Hometown: Small town, OH

College: Cedarville University (Cedarville, OH)

Family: Tons of awesome family back in Ohio!

Pets: I live vicariously through Instagram posts of my friends’ adorable pets.

Celebrity Look-A-Likes: I’ve heard I’d make a good Princess Mulan, which is a huge compliment, but makes no sense considering that I’m 75% Italian.

Paper or Plastic Quiz:

  1. Taylor Swift or Taylor Hanson? Taylor Swift all the way! I love her relatable songs and thought-provoking writing. And isn’t “MMMBop” only 4 years older than me? 😉
  2. Coffee Shops or Fast Food? There are coffee shops I frequent so much that it’s becoming an office joke. #hipster #notreally #onlyhipstersusehashtags #leavemealonewithmychailatte
  3. A stack of $20 bills or being in your 20’s? I LOVE being in my 20’s! The experiences I’ve had – even the simple moments – are worth more than the stack of 20’s (though, I wouldn’t complain about that either! haha) I get picked on for not knowing references from the 80’s and 90’s and I feel like the “millennial” stereotype gets a bad rap, but if you come hang out with my friends and me, I hope you see we’re proving the stereotype wrong.
  4. Smartphone or Smart Car? If I’m not reading a blog, I’m probably writing one. And if I’m not scrolling through cool stories on social media, I’m probably out living my own. I can drive just fine, but my phone can keep me connected and help me be creative, so I pick that!