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Brain Core of Louisville

Brain Core of Louisville

BrainCore is a unique drugless approach to addressing brainwave imbalance associated with symptoms that are related to ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Behavioral Issues, Insomnia, Memory Disorders, Learning Disorders, OCD Get Started Today!

Devin Higgins has an education & background in exercise physiology, athletic training and neurofeedback therapy. He is also holds a certification as a Braincore Specialist in QEEG and Neurofeedback. Devin’s passion is to provide the best clinical outcomes for his patients. He uses BrainCore Therapy and other natural methods to help patients overcome their issues such as ADHD, Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Autism, insomnia and so much more…. Devin began offering BrainCore Therapy because of the dramatic effect it had on his son. For years his son struggled with lack of focus, attention, and bouts with hyperactivity, and emotional instability. Every effort was exhausted to try and help with his struggles. When he and his wife heard about BrainCore they decided to take their son two times a week for 2 months to another BrainCore Clinic. After only 5 sessions his teachers saw marked improvements at school. He was calmer, more focused, and flexible and his mood had improved as well. Because of his son’s success he wanted to offer this phenomenal therapy for others that struggle from similar conditions. Since BrainCore’s inception in Louisville he has successfully treated other children and adults and it has dramatically changed their lives as well.

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