Epic Will

Here at Epic Will, we believe everyone has an epic story to tell!

Every day you are writing your story and building your estate.  That’s why we’re here…to keep your family secure during the early estate building phase of your life.  Think of early estate building as a roadmap for your life, where you can outline and plan exactly what you want for you and your family’s future.  It allows you to create something that will stick with you as you continue writing your story throughout every stage of your life.  Epic Will offers you the opportunity to build a comprehensive plan for what happens next, one that covers everything you need when you can’t make decisions for yourself.

Bigger than that, Epic Will was built to be able to serve kingdom purposes.  By creating your Will with Epic Will, you’re supporting our mission to help orphans and single moms in need. Not only will single moms with children under 18 have access to a FREE Will, but we will also be donating 10% of our proceeds to organizations like 1MILLIONHOME, an organization dedicated to helping orphans find a home. We believe that no child should be left in a situation where their future is left undetermined.

Join us on our mission.  Because every child deserves a home and every family deserves to feel safe!

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