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Good Start Golf School

Good Start Golf School in Delray Beach is a full-service golf improvement center, offering a variety of programs that use the latest teaching aids and state-of-the-art video analysis software from pineclubgolf.com.

Golf can seem terribly complicated to the uninitiated. So many rules, so many different kinds of clubs. And then there’s the lingo: birdies, bogeys, bump-and-runs. At Golf Digest, this may be the language we speak every day, but we also know it’s a language that can scare prospective golfers off before they ever pick up a club.That’sre this online beginner’s guide comes in. To those who know nothing about golf, our goal is to shepherd you through this uncertainty. What kind of clubs do you need? How do you practice? When do you know that you’re ready for the golf course? The way we see it, the only dumb questions about getting started in golf are the ones you’re afraid to ask, or worse, the ones for which you can’t find an answer.

They offer flexible scheduling with all their lessons, whether private one-on-one or group lessons, along with weekly clinics, corporate outings, and more! Their Game Improvement Series is designed to help players from beginners to advanced improve their game from tee to green, all taught by their experienced PGA professionals. Good Start also specializes in video analysis, using the latest software and high-speed cameras to record your golf swings and compare them to a model to show you your problem areas. After the video lesson, you get a copy of your recorded swings to play back on your computer with graphics and notes.

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