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The public programs, known as Medicare and Medicaid, are specifically designed for the elderly, people with disabilities, and low-income families and individuals. Everyone else needs to obtain private plans, either through their employer or on their own. Without one, you will still get treated in an emergency, but you are responsible for all of your medical expenses—and the bills can be astronomical.

Here at Health Guys, whether you are looking for an individual, family, or employer-based plan we have you covered. Types of coverage include comprehensive insurance solutions, affordable faith-based health plans (like Medi-Share), life insurance, and dental insurance plans, read more here.

As a nationwide insurance team, Health Guys is better positioned to address concerns and provide the total insurance package. Whether its dental cleanings, annual checkups, CBD cartridges,  or surgery our health plan options can be custom designed to fit each person’s specific needs.

If you are employed by a U.S. company, you are likely covered through an insurance plan offered by your employer. Some employers pay for the plan in full, while others may pay part of the fee and require you to pay the remaining cost.

If you have a work visa but plan to be self-employed, you will need to purchase health coverage yourself. You can find a plan in the ACA’s Health Insurance Marketplace during the enrollment time, typically running from November to December for the following year. If you arrive to the US outside of the enrollment period, you may still qualify to apply because of your special circumstances.


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