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Dr. Jonathan Spurgeon is a Clarksville native and is happy to be serving his hometown. After dental school he went on to train with specialists in a post graduate residency. Later he worked in Alaska providing dental care in remote towns before moving back to his roots and opening his own practice in Clarksville.

Our office is proud to specialize in taking great care of people. Our focus is first on the patient’s experience at our office and ensuring that they have a great visit every time. We do this by keeping wait times short, financials clear and easy to understand, and by providing exceptional dentistry that is made to last. All delivered by the excellent team here at Ironwood Dental.

A word from Dr. Spurgeon:

“A common question we get is ‘why the name Ironwood?’ Ironwood is the common name for a local tree. It’s both beautiful and durable. As a kid growing up out in the country I would often go for walks out in the woods. One day I decided to cut down a small tree for a walking stick. That happened to be an ironwood tree although I didn’t know it at the time. I carried that walking stick with me all over from child into adulthood. It just seemed fitting that the name carried over in this new journey I’m on as a dentist with my own office here in my local town.”


Dr. Jonathan Spurgeon

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