Jim & Leslie Read, Realtors®

Hi, this is Leslie, half of Jim and Leslie Read.  Thank you for supporting the ministry of WayFM.  We have been long-time friends and supporters of this ministry since 2010.

Personally, music is a big part of my life as it is to many others.  I think music is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, especially Christian music!  It brings people closer to God and to each other. It speaks to our hearts and feeds our souls; it uplifts, it inspires, and when songwriters take the Word of God and put it to music, it draws us out of fear and into faith.

Music is half of why we love WayFM.  The other reason is the people side, the ministry side.  Who doesn’t love to be inspired, encouraged, and cared for by others?  Our friends at WayFM give us a glimpse of Jesus in action.  Whether we know them personally or just feel like we do because we listen to them, they help us feel connected. People are not perfect, life is messy but when we have Jesus in the middle holding us together, we can experience love, hope and joy.  Jesus meets people where they are and loves on them so very well.  That’s how we feel about the people at WayFM and the music here.

Enough about them.  Let’s talk about us!  😊  Jim and I are experienced business professionals who love God & people and enjoy making personal and professional connections.  Jim works in commercial real estate and business brokering; I work in residential real estate and on the side, I get involved in various music and marketing projects.  (I need to have a creative outlet!)  We have years of work experience and many connections to help people with their needs.  If you’d like to know more about our real estate experience and backgrounds, please visit leslieread.com and click on “About.” We’d love to help you.  If you’d like to explore your faith a little more, please visit GoTeamRead.com .  We’ve shared some resources on this page that have been helpful in our walk of faith.  Lastly, if you’d just like to connect, contact us.  We always like making new friends.

Thanks for reading and for joining us in supporting our favorite ministry and radio station- WayFM.

Keep smiling and keep the faith… Leslie for Jim and Leslie Read

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