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Massage Therapy by Frank Jean, LMT

If you exercise daily, it’s important to maintain muscle health in order to avoid tears and strains. Keeping your muscles healthy will also help you enhance your performance and allow you to gain more muscle strength. After exercising, be sure to spend another 10-20 minutes cooling down. The cool-down process is similar to the warm-up process, except at a slower pace. Perform a less intense activity to allow your muscles to fully recover.

This may seem obvious, but exercise is very important for maintaining muscle health. People who exercise have stronger muscles than others in their age group. Any kind of exercise that causes the body to work against gravity will help build muscle. Muscles will break down as time goes on without exercise. For better care tips, visit relaxthemuscle.com.

Pending 10-15 minutes start stretching your main muscle groups can drastically reduce muscle tears. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds to allow the muscles to become more flexible, and therefore less likely to sustain injury. Stretching out your muscles also helps them reach their full range of motion. The best time to stretch is after your warm-up and before the intense activity. This way, your muscles will already be warm and they will stretch better.

Are you in need of stress relief? Do you have muscle tension & stiffness? Do you have a chronic pain condition or injury? Relax-Heal-Renew with Massage Therapy by Frank Jean, licensed Massage Therapist. When we work together – I will do my part, you do your part and God will do His part! Mention that you’ve heard me on WAY-FM & receive 50% off your first massage!
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