Silver Linings Neurodevelopment

We provide comprehensive behavioral and developmental evaluations, and caring, effective treatment/recovery for adults and children in Madison County and the surrounding areas.

By having different types of clinicians available under one roof, we are able to help adults and children achieve their goals faster, easier, and in a more convenient and familiar way without having to go to multiple different offices for all of their developmental needs.

Silver Linings & the Silver Maple Leaf

The three leaf patterns symbolizes: the child (the smaller leaf), being supported by the parent (the far right leaf), with the clinician giving both a small boost and help along (the far left leaf). It is our philosophy that we are here to help families and adults help themselves; we are merely a gentle support helping to guide treatment and improvement of whatever the difficulty may be.

When you watch silver maple leaves in the breeze, their silver underside shines, but only if the wind is blowing in the right direction. The same is true for all of our strengths and weaknesses: both are evident depending on the right circumstances. At Silver Linings, we believe that every individual has a special set of strengths. We are here to help you see the “Silver Lining” to every weakness and struggle.

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