Troy’s Wrecker Service


Troy’s Wrecker Service was established in 1989 in a two car garage in Shepherdsville, KY with one employee (Troy) and a 1972 Chevy Wrecker. From there Troy contracted with AAA where he towed for them from 1991 to 1997. In late 1997 he concentrated on towing services like those offered by towing dublin, automotive shops, collision centers and Insurance companies. With a lot of hard work, perseverance and the attitude of “NEVER GIVE UP” Troy has service commitments from over 300 clients. Troy’s has 13 employees, 9 state of the art trucks, 6 flatbeds, and 3 medium duty wreckers.

Perhaps the most compelling financial reason to get a AAA membership is the peace of mind it offers — especially if it means you feel more comfortable trying to squeeze another year or two out of an old, paid-off car. Every year you’re able to put off buying a new car can save you thousands of dollars. AAA roadside assistance might also be worth it if a driver plans to make frequent use of AAA discounts or wants extensive roadside coverage. AAA ranked 14th out of 22 companies in WalletHub’s analysis of 2021’s Best Roadside Assistance. … However, AAA does offer above-average protection for a reasonable price.

Troy’s facility today is on a 7 acre tract with a fully secured storage lot and 2,400 sq ft. office space. With our 24 hour dispatch our staff is uniformed and well trained. We take pride in being courteous and respectful to our customers. If you are looking for a shorter ETA (estimated time arrival) call us now for prompt and professional service. Troy’s Wrecker Service is the best choice for you and the ones you love.

“We Pick You Up When You’re Down”


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