We took popular Christmas songs and re-worked the words to process some issues we’re working through. (Here’s Wally’s.)


 You’re A Smug One, Mr. Zach

by Bekah

You’re a smug one, Mr. Zach
Your arrogance just grows
You see yourself as slumming
With us dummies on the show, Mr. Zach
You’re a snarky bald man with a…heart made of stone!

You’re a know-it-all, Mr. Zach
You say your facts are true
That Your brain is full of answers
You’re a Google master, too, Mr. Zach
I wouldn’t challenge you with a 139 ½ IQ!

You’re a sly one, Mr. Zach
To some you may seem sweet
But the evil plans come from you
You make Wally do your deeds, Mr. Zach
The phrase that best describes you is as follows and I quote:
“Just Plain Mean!”

Hear a couple more parodies and the stories behind them all in that day’s podcast.




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