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Carrie Bell

Brant, thank you for you topic of discussion today. God is using you to tell me how prideful I have been and making me more aware of those around me in a room. Humbling, to say the very least.

Have a great day.

Your sister in Christ,

justin lee

you said it

justin lee

shes right man it is


Hi Brant, I’ve heard your spot on WAY-FM about your and your son’s Asperger diagnoses and how God made you the way you are for a reason. I’d REALLY like to be able to share that! But I can’t find it anywhere — your Facebook page, your website,… Did I miss it somewhere? If not, would it be possible for you to post it somewhere, please? Thanks so much! Blessings and best regards to you and Sherri and your families!


I would also like to hear/read your presentation from this afternoon about Aspberger/Autism. My child recently became diagnosed as an adult and she is struggling. My friend heard your presentation and texted me about it. Please can you post this show?

John rodriguez

Thank you brant for your wise advice also please a shot out my little girl grace who is bigger than a lark now lol

Jamie Walcott
I just heard your take on parents not allowing teenagers to own a smart phone or any device with unsupervised internet access. I disagree. I told my teenagers that I raised them to know God’s way & therefore I trusted them to go into the world and make good decisions. That means to not click on improper links and to back out of sites when they realize it’s wrong. Obviously, any parent knows their own child best to know if that kid is able to fly on their own, with the help of the Spirit. You can’t strangle them with… Read more »
Lisa Luscinski

I don’t always “catch” the un-kind things others say/share, but see it as a blessing that I don’t…not a shortcoming of mine. I don’t communicate that way & choose to see it as those mean words or actions bouncing off me…thankfully! When I do “catch” them, I try to pray for those people because they have such crummy things to say & maybe they are really hurting themselves.

Laurie Krous

I feel the same about mosquitos!!
Unfortunately they do have a job here.

On the other hand…..
They have become over populating. So like other species when they become out of control & unbalanced our “circle of life”, they need to be “thinned out”. So they need to set out more traps our spray more in populated areas.
Good Bless you!!

Brant, I can relate to many things that you say. I have ADHD, not autism, but I can still relate to the desire to keep distant from people (pets love you, no matter what, and people do NOT). I believe many of the things that you state; however, when you start down the road of “alien life”, I do change the station (my own pet peeve). Most of the stuff that you say really makes me think about my spiritual condition and that is TREMENDOUS brother!! Sherri, Your continuous laughing reminds me to be a HAPPY Christ-follower. Thanks for your… Read more »
Mimi milton

My street would be. Friendship Lane. ????

Nicki Nance

If God is humble, why does he need us to worship Him? I think worshipping God isn’t soley forHim. Once again, it’s God doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. I think God gave us worship so that we can have peace with Him. Its not because HE needs it, it’s because WE need it. We need to worship our God so that we can become whole. It’s not so he can become whole.

Nicki Nance

So, yeah. He is being humble, while he requires worship, it’s not only for his benifit, but to benifit hischildren- the worshipERS


I have been listening to Way fm for over a year now and just today, I went online and discovered what you guys actually look like. I have to say, not at all what I had envisioned in my mind. My son, who is almost ten and has Autism, and I listen to you everyday. He likes that you are “like him” and it gives me hope for his future. As for Sherri, again NOT at all what I had pictured you as. But we love your show.


I wanted to respond to your question – if given the choice would you choose $500 cash (one time) for a charity or to wake up looking good everyday (for the rest of your life) ? I don’t know about everyone else, but I spend way more than $500/yr to look good – I would choose the look good and give the $500 (it costs for hair, make-up, etc. EVERY YEAR) to a charity of my choice…


I never thought about my lack of energy as depression, thank you for helping me recognize it. I’ve been struggling with it for a long time and I’ve always known what helps (exercise, church, my family etc.) but being able to put a name on it helps me face it head on. I don’t think I would have realized what I was dealing with without your help. Thank you. God Bless