Listen to WAY-FM on Your Alexa Device!

Amazon’s Alexa is a great tool for listening to WAY-FM and other encouraging resources! Read on to learn what’s available and how to use each Alexa skill. You can search and enable any of these skill on the Alexa app or

1. Listen to WAY-FM

Once your Alexa device is set up, just say: “Alexa, enable WAY-FM!”

What if Alexa chooses the wrong city?

  1. Tap “Skills” in your Alexa app and search for “WAY-FM.”
  2. Tap the “Settings” button and make sure you are sharing your device address.
  3. If Alexa is still confused, try disabling, then re-enabling the WAY-FM skill to reset.

2. Listen to WAY Now!

WAY Now is your channel for positive hip-hop, pop, and dance music. Stream sounds from your favorite artists like Lecrae, NF, Gawvi, Hollyn, Twenty One Pilots, Young & Free, and more.

  • Enable WAY Now in the Alexa app.

3. Add Word on the Way to Your Flash Briefing

Word on the WAY is a daily verse meant to encourage you. You can add this verse to your Flash Briefing.

  1. Tap “Skills” in the Alexa app, search “Word on the Way,” tap “Enable.”
  2. Say “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?”
  3. Be encouraged by a daily verse in your Flash Briefing as long as the skill is enabled!

4. Listen to WAY LOUD!

WAY LOUD is your Christian rock station. Listen to the best mix of Christian Rock from artists like Skillet, Demon Hunter, Disciple, Switchfoot, Family Force 5 and more!

  • Say, “Alexa, enable WAY LOUD!” or enable WAY LOUD in the Alexa app.

5. Listen to the World’s Biggest Small Group

The World’s Biggest Small Group is a 15 day series featuring stories from your favorite Christian artists and influencers. Let this series encourage you and deepen your faith!

  1. Tap “Skills” in the Alexa app.
  2. Search for “Small Group,” then tap “Enable.”
  3. Say, “Alexa, start Small Group.” Each time you say it, you’ll hear a new message from the current series!

Don’t Have An Amazon Echo?

If you purchase your new Amazon Echo from the links below, a small percentage of your purchase will benefit WAY-FM and keep the ministry going strong. Don’t worry, it doesn’t change your price! It’s just a nice way to help out.