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Christmas seems to get all the great songs and Thanksgiving just kind of gets the left overs.  Well, this guy named Mikey challenged us to turn Christian songs into Thanksgiving themed songs and this is what we came up with!  

We always give Gavin a hard time for having Android phone instead of an iPhone. So, to combat the constant criticism he wrote a rap to defend his choice of phone, and it did not disappoint.

Zachary Levi thought his days of taking shots were over when the filming of American Underdog wrapped. Not So. Wally took a shot at Zachary less than a minute into the interview. Then he got Kurt Warner to take a few shots of his own, and for a brief minute Wally actually felt like he was part of a team. American Underdog is the remarkable true story of NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. In addition to…

Monday School is Wally's chance to share what he learned at church and to prove he went.  This week's discussion: Leaning more into love instead of judgement.

The songs we play on WayFM are powerful because they are all grounded in scripture. So, if you have ever heard something in a song and wonder to yourself "Where's that at?" in the Bible, we can help.  Here is where you can find the scripture for the song Rattle, by Elevation Worship.  We even found a version of Rattle by Zach Williams, which was an added bonus!  

They say it is better to give than receive and, especially at Christmas time, there is no better example of this than Operation Christmas Child. With your help, they deliver shoeboxes filled with necessities, niceties and toys to children all around the world.  The best part is when Operation Christmas Child delivers shoeboxes they make sure that kids also get the Gospel! So recently, I met Yulia who works for Operation Christmas Child, and she…