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  • Are You Kidding Me - Your Dream: June 11, 2021 **NO PODCAST/AFTERCAST NEXT WEEK**
    TWS News 1: Tips on Having a Good Weekend – 00:33 Crowder’s Tips on Mental Health – 3:27 Grocery Gift-Away – 7:35 What’s Appening: Film Box – 9:01 TWS News 2: New Alzheimer's Medicine – 12:35 Are You Kidding Me: Your Dream – 14:45 New on Way: We the Kingdom – 19:50 Good News Giddy Up – 21:50 TWS News 3: This Summer – 24:51 Pastor Chad – 26:38 Flashback […]

  • Aftercast: Don’t Take Chances with Ghosts: June 11, 2021 **NO PODCAST/AFTERCAST NEXT WEEK**
    We struggle with late night small group sessions that go too late, and we talk about things in movies that we see all the time that aren’t realistic, Betty struggled with dog sitting this week, John Wu is apologizing for how he portrayed south asian characters in Crazy Rich Asians, Jimmy Fallon had people add a word to ruin sports team names, its the one yea […]

  • You're Buggin' Me: June 10, 2021
    TWS News 1: Lady Liberty’s Little Sister – 00:33 Will Gavin Get It – 2:39 Good News Giddy Up – 7:58 Free Bibles – 9:32 TWS News 2: Summer Trip Delays – 12:12 Grandmother Names – 14:55 Prayer Wall – 20:24 TWS News 3: Texting Instead of Calling – 22:42 You’re Buggin’ Me – 24:52 New on Now – 30:39 Least of These: Howie Mandel’s Struggle with OCD & Anxiety – […]

  • Aftercast: Betty: Queen of the Apocalypse: June 10, 2021
    Betty names a cat on the spot, people are starting to use popcorn for packages instead of styrofoam packing peanuts, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist got cancelled and the creator blew up on Twitter trying to get it brought back and we talk about what we think the strongest evidence for God is. You can sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry at www.fh.org/w […]

  • What Makes You Feel Old: June 9, 2021
    TWS News 1: Pet Appreciation Week – 00:35 Father’s Day Gifts – 2:45 The Scoop: Sandy Feet – 7:26 Flashback Friday Promo – 9:06 Match-a-Mania – 14:09 Do You Hear What I Hear: We the Kingdom & St. Elmo’s Fire – 18:58 TMI – 24:58 What Makes You Feel Old – 27:24 Good News Giddy Up – 31:41 Betty Rock’s Online Waste of Time – 33:45 Least of These: Pink’s High […]

  • Aftercast: Ice Cream Party!!: June 9, 2021
    Wally bought ice cream for the family that is helping paint his house, we talk about ways that David Crowder recommended making other people happy instead of just living for yourself, Chris Harrison has officially announced that he has stepped down from the Bachelor, Kanye released a coat through Gap that is super fluffy and the website crashed because so ma […]

  • What I Wish People Knew About Being a Pandemic Server: June 8, 2021
    TWS 1: National Best Friend Day – 00:30 Best Worst Joke – 2:31 Unexpected Cry – 7:17 TWS News 2: David Crowder on GMA – 14:07 Be Thankful You’re Not a Girl – 16:21 Jesus Music Promote – 22:03 TWS News 3: Covid Wrist Bands – 26:39 Old School – 28:40 Father’s Day Gift Ideas – 34:02 Least of These: Khloe Called a Hypocrite – 39:49 What I Wish People Knew About […]

  • Aftercast: Let’s See If We Can Roll This Thing: June 8, 2021
    Wally tells a story about a worker at McDonalds who said he wasn’t having a good day, he also watched the Bachelorette last night, the current Bachelorette actually wanted to leave the show but was consoled by the fact that former bachelorette contestants are hosting the show, Royal Caribbean cruises are going to suggest people get required before cruising b […]

  • Relationship Issues You Can't Solve: June 7, 2021
    TWS News 1: Things That Are Legal That Shouldn’t Be – 00:33 Boo Yay Your Weekend – 2:21 Monday School: God Is in the Details – 7:33 Flashback Friday Promo – 10:19 TWS News 2: Bathroom Buddies & Kidneys – 13:00 Relationship Issues You Can’t Solve – 15:19 Good News Giddy Up – 21:30 Camp Electric Winner – 23:38 TWS News 3: Reasons to get Healthier – 27:46 G […]

  • Aftercast: Adam Picking his Teeth with a Chicken Bone: June 7, 2021
    We recap our weekends, we talk about losing sleep when thinking too hard, Jeff Bezoz will be going into space in the next month, two women donated each other’s kidneys to the other’s husband, Joaquin Phoenix says that he will not impose his vegan beliefs on his child but will educate him on where meat comes from and we talk about a theme song we would want p […]