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  • What Made Someone Seem Rich: September 20, 2021
    TWS News 1: “Karen” Cut – 00:32 When Women Have Forgotten Their Anniversary – 2:06 TWS News 2: Toy Season this Christmas – 9:19 # Your Weekend – 11:57 Monday School: Thy Will – 18:57 TWS News 3: 21st Century Willy Wonka – 22:30 Yougle It: The Chosen – 25:00 Least of These: 2021 Emmys – 33:17 What Made Someone Seem Rich – 35:40 The Scoop – 40:23 You can spons […]

  • Aftercast: The Trapeze Weight Limit: September 20, 2021
    We give our thoughts on the Gabby Pettino case, the all civilian space x flight splashed down on Saturday night, we go through the television shows that we learned from as kids, and we talk about kids shows we would not want to get stuck in. You can sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry at www.fh.org/wallyshow You can join our Wally Show Poddies Facebo […]

  • Something Girlfriends Do That Guys Don’t: September 17, 2021
    TWS News 1: Vaccine Veggies – 00:33 One & Done: Fears of Millennial Kids – 3:04 TWS News 2: Octavia Spencer’s Apology – 12:21 Something Girlfriends Do That Guys Don’t – 14:54 TWS News 3: Woolly Mammoths are Back – 22:16 Pastor Chad: Anxiety and Chad – 24:23 Sip and Sing Video Promo – 27:58 Good News Giddy Up – 30:39 Least of These: Tom Brady Playing On – […]

  • Aftercast: Keep the Bedazzled Microphone: September 17, 2021
    We can’t believe we’re still dealing with this whole covid thing, Cuba has begun a vaccination plan for kids between two and ten years old, environmentalists are dealing with elephant drama, Smash Mouth is livid because they didn’t make the cut for the best 500 songs of all time from Rolling Stones and we talk about how we would assert ourselves as evil geni […]

  • Named After a Singer: September 16, 2021
    TWS News 1: Parrot Disciplining – 00:35 A Biblical Promise You’re Clinging To – 2:39 TWS News 2: New Space Expedition – 10:51 Tell Me You’re a Christian Music Fan Without Telling Me You’re a Christian Music Fan – 14:08 Betty Rock’s Fantasy Football Strategy – 19:58 TWS News 3: 2021 Toy Hall of Fame Inductees – 23:31 Boys vs Girls – 26:12 Great Christmas Gift […]

  • Aftercast: Circle Circle Dot Dot Now You’ve Got Your Cootie Shot: September 16, 2021
    The US Elite gymnastics team testified before congress in how the assault case against the former team doctor was handled, the flying car is back on the table, we touch on the Norm MacDonald cancer story again and we talk about our weirdest childhood memories. You can sponsor a child through Food for the Hungry at www.fh.org/wallyshow You can join our Wally […]

  • Relationship Contract: September 15, 2021
    TWS News 1: Unrealistic Expectations – 00:30 What I Wish People Knew About Becoming a Parent – 3:19 Good News Giddy Up – 9:12 TWS News 2: New Apple iPhone – 12:32 Zoom Out – 15:25 Prayer Wall – 20:05 TMI – 23:00 The Little Things – 25:06 Ryan and Will Singing – 30:44 Least of These: My Weird Roommate Tweet – 34:09 Relationship Contract – 35:22 Taco Bell Subs […]

  • Aftercast: Sometimes I do Crave a Salad - Wally: September 15, 2021
    Tummy issues are the worst, the safe house of El Chapo is up for sale in Mexico, Space X is sending up a full flight with no trained astronauts and they will go higher than the space station, Norm MacDonalds sadly died of a secret battle with cancer and we talk about whether we’d like to live in a big city or small town. You can sponsor a child through Food […]

  • Songs That Describe You Right Now: September 14, 2021
    TWS News 1: What Not to do on a Flight – 00:33 Subtle Covid Tactics – 2:35 Kids and Virtual Learning – 8:12 TWS News 2: National Guard as Bus Drivers – 12:49 Songs That Describe You Right Now – 14:29 Good News Giddy Up – 20:01 TWS News 3: Serious Relationship Signs – 22:13 Great Googly Moogly – 24:58 Wrong Station Call – 30:19 Email – 32:24 Least of These: J […]

  • Aftercast: Frozen Head Productions: September 14, 2021
    We play a call from earlier in the day and have a conversation regarding covid, faith and science and how all of those things intersect, a man who got attacked by an alligator during Hurricane Ida had his story resolved, Betty walks us through movies that had different endings than originally filmed and we give ourselves trophies. You can sponsor a child thr […]