WayFM’s Mission:

Engaging people to love Jesus, serve others and spread Hope.

Life can be overwhelming, and most people have a hard time finding a source of encouragement and hope. At WayFM, we point people to Jesus with meaningful music and honest conversation so they can experience strength and joy during life’s challenge.

WayFM is a family of listener-supported radio stations and part of Hope Media Group, headquartered in Houston, TX. You’ll hear uplifting music and you’ll genuinely laugh with The Wally Show, Middays With Joy, and Afternoons With Bekah. We promise to be real – we won’t sugar-coat the hard stuff in life.

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But wait, there’s more! (haha) WayFM is not just a radio station – you’ve stumbled upon a ministry. Our heart is to help you grow in your faith and get to know Jesus through all kinds of avenues, like:

World’s Biggest Small Group – Grow your faith with these FREE online video series featuring WayFM DJs and well-known people of faith.

NGEN Radio – Your place to hear positive hip-hop and pop music from artists like Lecrae, NF, Gawvi, Hollyn, Twenty One Pilots, Young & Free, and more.

WAY LOUD – The best mix of Christian Rock from artists like Skillet, Demon Hunter, Disciple, Switchfoot, and Family Force 5.

Hope Nation – Fun and meaningful blogs, videos, and podcasts for a confident, joyful faith.

What We Believe

We follow God’s call to be kind, compassionate and to love each other as He loves us.

  1. God, who is Himself Truth and speaks truth only, has inspired the Bible. It is the only completely trustworthy, divine authority in all matters including love, truth, redemption, morality and proper conduct. It is to be believed in all it affirms, obeyed in all it requires, and embraced in all that it promises.
  2. There is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. We are commanded to love everyone. As a result, we should examine ourselves first to avoid judging others by a standard to which we do not hold ourselves. Christians are held to a higher standard of obedience to the Bible than those who do not claim to be Christians.
  4. Because we have all sinned, we are all in need of salvation.
  5. God sent His Son to become man to pay the penalty for our sins by His shed blood in death on the cross and to be raised back to life that we might be redeemed. God’s forgiveness extends to all of those who believe in Christ’s finished work on the cross as the sole remedy for their sins. This forgiveness of our past, present and future sins should result in compassion for others who are enslaved to sin while repenting of our own sins so that we can lead holy lives that glorify God.
  6. Only those who place their faith in Jesus Christ are saved by faith and will spend eternity in heaven. Those who do not will be eternally separated from Him.
  7. Jesus was fully God and fully man, virgin-born, and sinless. He will personally return in power and glory.
  8. Believers in our Lord Jesus Christ are called to be united in the Holy Spirit.

This Statement of Faith does not exhaust the extent of our beliefs. For purposes of Hope Media Group’s faith, doctrine, practice, policy and discipline, our Board of Directors is HMG’s final interpretive authority on the Bible’s meaning and application.