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This is something we can only do when Zach is gone. Each member of the show picked a pin. Top left: Katie Rose pinned rules she has to live by.  Top right: Wally pinned this cute and festive way to turn old sweaters into holiday decor. Bottom left: Bekah pinned a desk for those days when you'd just rather be at the beach. That's everyday at this job. Bottom right: Wally - You can buy these grates for hundreds of dollars or you can make…

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Today in news we talked about the latest school shooting that took place in Washington.  These stories are beyond sad.  What is worse,  school shootings seem to be something plague us more than other countries.  This is the map we talked about in the news today. Here is what it looks like just in the U.S.  

Wally Joy Drive Thru Difference

The Drive Thru Difference is a chance to help someone behind you in line at a drive thru and maybe help turn their day around. Wally found out Joy from the Carlos & Joy Show was going to be doing it, so he took advantage of the situation.   Doing the Drive Thru Difference was the World's Biggest Small Group Live (it) Out Challenge today. Did you do it? Make sure you log your points to increase your…


Jimmy Fallon did a cool thing where you can have Sting sing your voicemail message. We thought it'd be cool to share with you, and we hope Jimmy's lawyers are ok with it. Hit record on your message greeting, hit play and hold your phone up to the speakers. You can watch the whole bit to see him record the message.

Photo Op 10-15-14

Photo Op is where Wally confiscates all of our phones and we’re held accountable for the most recent photo on our camera roll. Which photo do you like the best? Top left: Katie Rose keeps this on her phone and when she's frustrated, it makes her happy. Top right: Wally has this beautiful coffee table for sale. Bottom left: Betty Rock bonds with Clementine by painting nails together. Bottom right: Zach took this photo of his…