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12 Disciples and Jesus

Jesus called a select group of men to be his disciples. Now through the power of the internet you can find out which one you're most like.   Who'd you get? Do you agree with it?

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This will be something that gets passed around the internet a lot today. It is so nice to see an athlete say more than just "we gave it 110% today."    

wally race car vid

Zach claims because I don't watch a lot of sports I should have my man card revoked. I am driving race cars this weekend while he watches football from his couch. I think I not only get to keep mine, but should get his as well.  

Chris august tub video pic

Chris August is a great song writer who has some pretty profound songs, this is not one of those, and he knows that. Chris said, “This is a serious song from the middle of my heart, my rap skills are second only to Will Smith, and those first two things are a joke.”   Selena Gomez….not a name you’d expect to hear in a Blog Report. But this week, she posted an Instagram video covering…

Wally boxing for fitness test

Kind of ironic we're doing an fitness challenge to see who has to exercise again by joining Carlos's Warrior Dash team.   Special thanks to Cool Springs TITLE Boxing Club for hooking us up!