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Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is proud to have “Professor Wally” teaching! Apply today and use promo code WALLY to waive $50 application fee.

Motivational posters

Wally gets a lot of questions from kids who have made mistakes and want to know how to move forward, so he challenged everyone on the show to make an inspirational poster that gives them advice. Vote for your favorites. Hear us explain our posters in today's podcast.

Jon Foreman Switchfoot iPod Roulette

Wally goes head to head with Switchfoot's Jon Foreman in iPod Roulette. One of them walks away with the most improbable win in the history of the game. Who do you think should have won?   Hear our full interview with Jon in our podcast:  Jon has played thousands of shows, but one miserable night in Scranton, PA he will never forget.    

Photo op featured image

Photo Op is where Wally confiscates our phones and checks out the last photo we took. Which photo do you like the best? Top left: This is the desk that I told Luke, from for King & Country, he could not buy because I built it for Bekah and I love her more than any amount of money…but come up another $50 and it's yours. -Wally Top right: Anna loves to steal my glasses and then I fill my phone…

Cinco de Kitty-Betty with a cat-2

We usually celebrate Betty Rock's May 5th birthday with Cinco de Betty, the one day a year that Betty gets to inflict pain upon Wally for all the pain he puts her through all year long. This year, however, Wally pays his debt by bringing in ten kittens for Betty to enjoy for the day. But she has to earn each one by answering a trivia question correctly. How many kittens can Betty hold at once…


Today, John from Rock House joined us for another Hot Mess segment to help Lynn with an issue that has affected every area of her life. Lynn's Story: One of my first memories is my mother telling me that my being born ruined her life. When I was around 10, my older sister warned me to stay away from a male relative as he was “too affectionate.” Even though I was cautious, I was eventually molested by…