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Wally with Leyicet Gokey

…the things that make Danny amazing. Here's Danny's latest song:   So who's spouse should we talk to next? Nominate someone in the comments!  

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At church we were talking about what gets in the way of us truly trusting God. "I'm too _______ to trust God." What is your blank? We asked you on Facebook how you'd fill in the blank. Here's a word cloud from the responses.   for King & Country's latest song is a great statement of trusting God.  

CCU Contest Featured Image 2015

If you've been wanting a jump start on a new or improved career, here's your chance to make that dream a reality. Colorado Christian University's College of Adult and Graduate Studies, where Wally teaches, is offering two grand prizes: a $5,000 scholarship and a $10,000 scholarship. PLUS, everyone who submits a qualifying essay will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Just tell us, “If you could speak to an audience of one million people, what would you say?” It's…

Compassion Kid Hondorus

Could you be the one to change their life forever? As you exchange letters, send photos and offer encouragement in Jesus’ name, your love will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime. Which child will you choose to sponsor? CLICK OR CALL 877-919-2559.

honduras smile diptic

The word of the day today would have to be joy. We went to a Compassion project where the pastor exuded joy and these children benefited greatly from his faith and joy. What is so amazing about his joy, is that when you see all that surrounds him, you would think: what does he have to be joyous about? He is surrounded by people struggling to survive and while that could be exhausting he refused…


If you ever feel the need to be loved just visit a Compassion project in Honduras. We were greeted with huge hugs and even bigger smiles. A simple sign on their wall serves as a constant reminder to these kids that they are loved by God, even when the world around them is not so pretty. When was the last time you were simply thankful To God for one more day of life. Could you…