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Casting Crowns Sing Kitty-Oke

Casting Crowns competes in Kitty-Oke, which is like Name That Tune except you can only meow. Mark Hall nails some classic songs, even in the face of some confusion.   Hear an update from Mark on his battle with kidney cancer.  

Colorado Christian University

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Wally interviews Mark Hall 2

We had a chance to sit down with Mark Hall of Casting Crowns and talk about what happens when life gets real. Here are some of the things he shared. Check out the video below for the full, uncut conversation. Being a youth pastor half my life, all my days are about making other people's days better.  I'm going to get you through this, here's a Scripture for it, I'm going to walk you through. And…

Stuck featured

For this Hot Mess segment, John from Rock House responded to an email we received from Sarah about a problem that a lot of us have faced at some point. Sarah's Email: I’m a Christian, but I’m stuck in a glass half-empty mentality. It affects every part of my life, my attitude at work, and my relationships at home. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to get out of that valley. I truly…

Motivational posters

Wally gets a lot of questions from kids who have made mistakes and want to know how to move forward, so he challenged everyone on the show to make an inspirational poster that gives them advice. Vote for your favorites. Hear us explain our posters in today's podcast.

Matthew West sings Wally's hate mail

Wally gets harsh emails sometimes, but putting them to song might make take off the edge. At least that's the theory. Matthew West helps us test the theory.     See Matthew West singing more emails:       

DC Talk

DC Talk just announced the Jesus Freak Cruise setting sail in 2017. We caught up with tobyMac to find out all about it.   ***Be listening this coming Monday, or sign up for our What's Trending email, to find out how you can WIN your way onto the boat.*** When tobyMac, Michael Tait (now in Newsboys) and Kevin Max formed DC Talk in 1987, they began the most influential band in Christian music history. Take a stroll down memory…