On the first day in El Salvador with Compassion International we were told that the country is cracking down on violent gangs, and tattoos are closely tied to gang activity here. So, we were asked to cover our tattoos for our safety, and as a sign of respect in Churches.

So, I made that quick video making fun of my tiny tattoo. I didn’t think much of it until I met Pastor Edwin. He educated me on the history of gangs here in El Salvador, and he told me a story I could hardly believe.

It is a sensitive story and involves a Compassion child who we will call “Erik”. Erik’s dad was a gang leader and is currently serving 110 years in prison for his crimes. Erik’s mother is serving 30 years in prison for her crimes. This left Erik alone with just his grandmother and the gang, but his dad did not want that life for his son.

That is where Compassion stepped in. They are making sure Erik, and his grandmother are taken care of, and they are making sure that the father Erik looks up to now is, Jesus. I wish this story had a super sweet Christian movie ending where the father and mother come to Jesus and the family is reunited, but that is not Erik’s reality. However, Compassion is loving Erik like Jesus, and taking care of him has made a huge impact on his dad.

I know most companies would not want a former gang leader as a spokesperson, but Erik’s dad said he is thankful to Compassion for loving his son despite his sins.  That sounds a lot like the gospel to me. That is what Compassion does and why it works.

I wish I was Erik’s sponsor or at the very least, I wish I could tell Erik’s sponsor his full story so they would fully understand how important them loving him is

If you believe it’s important to give kids the opportunity to become more than they are told they can be. If you believe that it’s important to give kids an encounter with Jesus every day. If you believe it’s important to give love unconditionally, Then Compassion is for you!

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