We packed a lot into our first day with Compassion in El Salvador.

Meeting the kids is always my favorite part of the day, but today I got to see something I have never seen before on any of my Compassion trips.

One of the most important parts of sponsoring a child is writing letters to them, and encouraging them. We got to see first hand the life altering impact letters can have when we met we met, Gabriella.

Gabriella was sponsored as a child and she just got her degree as an electrical engineer! Your words make a huge difference in the life of these kids. They feel special because someone chose them, and they do not want to let their sponsors down.

Gabriella said she and the other kids love the letters from their sponsors because they make them feel important! The words from their sponsors help them to not only dream, but to work hard to accomplish their dreams.

Without compassion she said she would never have had the opportunity to succeed, and many of the kids she knows would have been consumed by destructive paths like gang violence.

So, if you have ever felt like no one listens to you, sponsor a Compassion child today because they are all ears, and they want to listen to what you have to say:)

Click Here if you want to have that kind of impact on a kids life.

Bring Hope and sponsor a child today with Compassion International and WayFM.


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