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Rhett Walker is one of my favorite people.  He is a great song writer but beyond that, Rhett is as unique as the color green on a John Deere tractor. I wrote a song to the tune of Rhett Walker's song "Believer" to give Rhett some idea of what I, and possibly others, think of and hear when he sings. This was Rhett's reaction. Here is Rhett's song that was the inspiration for mine!  …

Monday School is Wally's chance to share what he learned at church, and, prove that he went. This week's discussion: Sometimes we can stand up for what's right, but, other times what would it look like if we took a seat and acted with love.

Record companies send us CD's of the new music they want us to play.  So we decided to randomly choose a song, and it wouldn't be the Wally Show if we didn't choose it in a "ran-DUMB" way. This time we were picking songs off Stars Go Dim's latest album.

Dave Coulier of Full House fame is starring in a new mockumentary called Live+Local on Pure Flix.  He is playing a cranky, old, morning DJ on a Christian radio station.  Sounds a little like someone we all might know at WayFM.  One of the first things Wally was curious about was if anyone told Dave to listen to him for inspiration or tips on how to be cranky and old. In addition to talking about…

We decided to try out a new game with Colton Dixon called, "If the Shoe Fits." This is where we exchange one shoe then raise the shoe of the person we think is the best answer for the question.  Some of the answers are pretty revealing about both Wally and Colton.  One big surprise was how much Colton's shoes actually cost!   Also, here is a link to Colton Dixon's song Build A Boat!