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Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University is proud to have “Professor Wally” teaching! Apply today and use promo code WALLY to waive $50 application fee.

Prison featured image

I know this isn’t going to put me in the best light, but before you judge me hear me out on this. Some of you know my brother is in jail. He called me the other day. I see it come up on my phone and I feel so bad because I almost screened him. I just wasn’t emotionally in a place to have a conversation. I didn’t though and I’m thankful I didn’t. I…

Anna featured image

Zach's baby daughter came by the studio today, so we figured it was about time we posted some pictures. Anna Renee was born Sunday, January 11. She was 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 19.5 inches long. Her name has special meaning following the loss of their son, Samuel. "Anna" means "favor" or "grace", Renee means "restored".    

How old do you really act

Betty always says I don't act my age and she found this quiz to try to prove it. Take it for yourself and see how old you really act.

Betty shoots Wally with a cat gun

Wally came across a list of the worst questions asked in job interviews. It turns out they're great questions for putting Bekah and Betty Rock on the spot. At around the 7 minute mark, you may have heard Betty shoot Wally with her cat gun. She hit him right in the eye, which had to be a fluke. We gave her 3 chances to try again and prove it wasn't.