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We had the privilege of calling Sam in Zambia to tell him the good news that the money to buy a new water drilling rig had been raised. His response is amazing. Today we're working with Blood:Water to build 1,000 biosand filters that will give a family clean water for life. Will you help?  

Colorado Christian University

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Water Filter in Africa

Two years ago when I was here in Zambia I got really sick when some contaminated water splashed in my mouth. I was so sick I did not get to build one of the life saving biosand filters. I can tell you today, after we built 20 of them, I wish I had called in sick. The work is back breaking for people like Johnny Safari (yes, that is his real name) who does this…

How Old Featured Image

Here's something fun you can do with wedding photos, office photos or any group photo. See how old you look compared to your friends. Our results were a little surprising.

Wally in Africa

If your house was on fire imagine the sense of relief you would have as you saw a fire truck coming around the corner. Seeing a drill rig pull into the village provides the same feeling for the people of Zambia who do not have safe water, because they know help is on the way. They know that their incredible thirst will soon be quenched. Today was an amazing day as I got the opportunity…

Clean Water Drilling

Today was such a cool day and yet so frustrating to me. We went out to a drill rig to see a new well being dug. (My honey even got to help!) The really neat part is that, not only will a community get to use this, but it’s been placed right next to a school that was built in 2001. The frustrating thing is that just 200 feet from the school, you can see…

Bekah in Africa

I’ve always hated the “Would you Rather” game. Usually both choices you’re given are less than desirable, and you’re stuck trying to weigh your hypothetical options. Would you rather: have purple skin or green hair? Would you rather: have a loud neighbor or a rude coworker? Would you rather: drink contaminated water or pool water? I wish that last one were hypothetical, but it’s the daily choice for the people of Numappolo. Fewer than 1%…