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Marc Martel self duet

Marc Martel, who you may know from Downhere, does an amazing duet with himself as two different iconic singers,  Freddie Mercury & Luciano Pavarotti. Ridiculous talent.  

Colton Dixon sings More Of You

  Check out the full interview to see Wally forcing Bekah and Katie onto a scale in Confirm or Deny, hear behind the scenes American Idol stories, and catch some bonus conversations and songs. 6:00  American Idol 11:45  About More Of You 14:15  More Of You live 19:00  Anchor game 21:45  About Through All Of It 22:45  Through All Of It

wally show warrios dash fire jump

Someone took a picture of Katie, Bekah, and me jumping over fire at the Warrior Dash.  Who looks the most Warrior-y?