A Soldier’s Child Foundation

A Soldier’s Child Foundation

Together, we will be responsible for over 500 Gold Star children having a blessed Christmas morning. There will be caring folks from Tennessee, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Colorado, and Kentucky giving Christmas love to these children through ASC’s S.O.S. Christmas. With the love that the Christmas season offers and through your help, these children will know that it did matter, and we do care!

There are two ways to participate in ASC’s S.O.S. Christmas:

1.Make a Donation: Donate Here, so we can reach as many children as possible this Christmas. Your donations are appreciated! A Soldier’s Child is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and all gifts are tax-deductible. ASC operates at 82% of every dollar going to the children in our many programs and services.

2.Sponsor a Family: Make a personal connection by selecting an ASC family to sponsor. This can be a great opportunity for families to experience the gift of giving and the true meaning of Christmas.

Here’s How Sponsoring a Family Works:

STEP ONE: First select an ASC Child or Family to sponsor by the S.O.S. Christmas State tabs above. We will have families with one child and families with up to 5 children and more available for sponsorship.

STEP TWO: Once you select a family to sponsor, please use the provided “wish lists” to purchase 3-5 gifts per child. Our goal is a minimum of $100 spent on each child. This allows us to bless these special kids with a truly amazing Christmas morning!

Many families have provided a “wish list” for each child. YOU MUST USE THIS LIST, when provided.

We have also compiled a list of suggested gift items for various age groups, which you can view here.

STEP THREE: We encourage you to include a personal note to the recipient family, and if desired, you may include your contact information. Many times, the recipient family wishes to send a note of thanks back to the sponsoring family, and this will allow them to do so.

STEP FOUR: Please bring all presents, wrapped, and tagged with the children’s name and family number on the outside of every gift. Once you select your ASC recipient child, you will then receive an email with instructions on the specific drop off date, time and location.

Gift Drop Off Locations

  • Alabama – Huntsville WayFM
  • Kentucky/Indiana – Louisville WayFM
  • Colorado – Colorado Springs WayFM, Denver WayFM, Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Tennessee – Nashville WayFM, Clarksville Christian School
  • East Florida – West Palm Beach WayFM
  • West Florida – Fort Myers WayFM
  • Dallas, Texas – Dallas WayFM

You will also need to bring the sponsor sheet, which will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your sponsorship. This is a list you provide based on what you purchased for each child you select. Please include the approximate dollar amount spent on each item. If a group of people are shopping for a family, all presents must be delivered at the same time to ensure none of the gifts are mixed up.