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Cinco de Betty: Wally gets tasered

Every year for Betty's birthday, Wally gives Betty Rock a chance to inflict pain to makeup for all the pain he inflicts on her throughout the year.   Watch through the end of the video for links to former Cinco de Betty celebrations that have tortured Wally with considerable pain.       Watch the full Cinco de Betty party:   … Continue reading

Messing with Betty Rock

We were just reminiscing about some of the ways Wally has tortured Betty Rock over the years. This video has a quick recap of some of the times, and Betty takes revenge.   Of course Wally couldn't let her get away with messing with his car… … Continue reading

The Betty Rock Hug of the Day

  Wally has instituted a Hug of the Day practice where he gives Betty Rock a different hug every day to cheer her up.   His latest original hug was the Intern Hug, and we're sure you'll agree it should never be repeated.   … Continue reading