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Own a Piece of Stryper!

The innovative masters of metal, Stryper, are at it again.  Apparently Michael Sweet has signed up with a company that will auction off a writers share of two of his songs.  This means every quarter when he gets a check due to how the song has been used so will you!  Plus, it’s a good ice breaker at a party. Click here to find out more! … Continue reading

A not So Scary Halloween story with December Radio

December Radio was on the show on Halloween.  I don’t like scary stories so I thought it would be fun to tell a story that sounded scary but really wasn’t so we did Sound FX Theater.  I was the narrator and Josh and Brian provided all the sound FX. http://www.divshare.com/flash/audio?myId=2600777-b71 … Continue reading

The coolest party EVER!!!!

Cowboy parties…fireman parties…they all been done before but a STRYPER party…That Rocks!  This chick threw a Stryper themed party for her friend because she knew how much he liked Stryper.  They even invited the band, who politely declined…I wonder why? … Continue reading

Vicki Beeching juggling a video camera

New artist Vicki Beeching is very multifaceted.  She can sing and play guitar, but more importantly she can juggle.  She didn’t bring her fire clubs so I got here to juggle the Total Axxess video camera.  How did it go…you’ll have to watch. … Continue reading

Here’s your Sign…

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here is a sign I found postd at the Cumming County Fair in my home town of Cumming, GA.  My daughter actually thought this was the opportunity of a lifetime! … Continue reading