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  • Episode 1240 I Love You But I’m Blocking You Out Of Love
    Guard Your Heart, First Two Weeks Of October, Grace Adventure, National Days, Breaking Animal News, What To Do With Anger, Anxiety, He Does Love You, Wisdom, Prize Wheel, The Uber Conversation, Introverts In Quarantine; Quotes: “Sometime the songwriting spirit comes over you and you just have to do it.” “Everything that you’re gonna become is […]

  • Episode 1239 Whoever Does The Clown Face Trademark Thing
    CAKE, Love One Another, Shock Jock, A Pic Of Who Jesus Is, Politics and Kingdom, You Don’t Have To Hug A Cow, Captain Crunch; Quotes: “Apparently you humans like eye contact.” “Some people can’t look at a sunset without having a political debate.” “The kingdom that Jesus kept talking about is more real and is […]

  • Episode 1238 Melted Caribou Fat
    Fromage Cottage, Hall of Pretty Awesome, The Gift of Peace, Double Christmas, FOMO, Bacheloring, Encourage People, Shock Jock, Monday Song, Prayer Schedule, Ugly Monday, Fantasy Football Who Switched The Price Tag, National Day, Silence Of Adam; Quotes: “Can you ever just be content?” “Encouragement matters to everybody.” “We don’t need stats about sinking s […]

  • Episode 1237 Silly Hamster Truck
    Maturing, Men FeelingThreatened, Proverbs 14, Psalm 23, The Church, The Disciples, The Plant Channel, BONUS CONTENT: Grace and Obedience; Quotes: “Grace is not opposed to effort.” “The first century church was wired in a wonderful way.” “No one is doing news on what plants are doing out there.” “You actually get to decide to grow […]

  • Special Oddcast! The Positive Purpose of Introverts
    Brant interviews Holley Gerth, author of the book The Positive Purpose of Introverts: Why The World Needs You To Be You.

  • Episode 1235 Just Call It A Museum
    Breaking Animal News, Coffeemate Flavors, Double Christmas, Fresh Prince 52, God’s Wild Love, Good News, Guard Your Heart, Studying Jesus, Going To The Ranch; Quotes: “God is wilder than we know and it’s very good news.” “The culture we’re in is toxic to a rightly ordered mind.” “It’s a menu on how I can be […]

  • Special Oddcast! When Narcissism Comes To Church
    Brant interviews Chuck DeGroat, author of the book “When Narcissism Comes To Church.”

  • Special Oddcast! The Truth About Us Part 2
    Part 2 of Brant’s visit to Hammock Street Church in South Florida. He and Pastor Russell Silverglate continue their discussion about Brant’s latest book “The Truth About Us.”

  • Special Oddcast! The Truth About Us
    Brant visits Hammock Street Church in South Florida and chats with Pastor Russell Silverglate about “The Truth About Us.” {powerpress}

  • Episode 1231 Nowhere Does Pringles Claim They Are Potato Chips
    Brant’s 3 Things, Candy Cane Mac and Cheese, Ask For Wisdom, Space Station, What You Miss From Work, God Wants Me, Being Misunderstood, Shock Jock, Psalm 23; Quotes: “My eternal life with God has already started.” “No one in history has been more misunderstood than Jesus.” “They’re flakes not chips.”

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