If Jesus Had a Blog: So I Had a Very Long Day

WOW… exhausting day.

Long story short: I was in the temple courts, and the leaders tried to trap me in front of people. They brought in a woman, and announced they’d caught her WHILE committing adultery.

They wanted to kill her right then and there… because that’s what the rules say. Anyway, John wrote about what happened, so you can read about it here.

When they left, I told her I didn’t condemn her, and that she should go, and leave her life of sin.

Then I spoke for a while about how I’m the light of the world, and some more arguments broke out.

Sorry I can’t write more. Crazy day.




Jesus, thanks for standing up for that woman being punished by the white-hetero-patriarchy. Took guts, I’m sure. BUT… I couldn’t help but notice what you said about leaving “your life of sin.”

You say you “don’t condemn her”, but then you turn around and  imply her sex life is sinful. How is that possible? It’s not. Acknowledging someone’s sin IS condemnation.

I am a big fan, but starting to wonder if you really get it.

I may have to pretend you didn’t say this.

– forthepeople2017

OMG I totally noticed that too.

BTW I used to like that Gandhi saying about how “I like your Christ, but not your Christians” or whatever.

But Christ, if you are going to say stuff like how YOU alone are the light of the world, that’s not very like-able honestly. What if Gandhi heard you say that?

– TerryC

So, Jesus, you posted again and once again you’re going to ignore the Herod news…? No comment on the stuff he’s doing in office? He’s having people killed and constantly lying, and you’re talking about… yourself? You should be as angry as I am or something’s wrong with you

– Wanda49

Hey Wanda49 I’ll have you know Herod has done a solid job. If you don’t like it, hit the road and don’t let the door hitcha…

– Bill

Somebody tell Wacky Wanda up there that the economy under Herod Antipas is roaring compared to the previous Herod. But it won’t matter because… she’s stupid. Like Colin Kapernik stupid.

– ETH45

Jesus, I noticed you linked to John’s site. This is very disappointing. John has links to another site (Matthew’s) which links to Luke who links to Peter’s blog, and Peter has a banner ad up for Chick-fil-A. So, ergo, you can’t link to John.

– Pam

WOW all of you sjw’s and PC warriors criticizing Jesus for not loving your politics. Too bad!!! We all know he supports MY guy and is an upstanding citizen. Im a good citizen and Jesus is a good citizen. Therefore, Jesus agrees with me.


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Herod is going to lead us right into World War I. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE

– Pam

How can you say that??? Pam, YOU are the sheeple


Just chiming in here, but maybe Jesus isn’t as interested in politics the same way we are. Maybe he thinks there’s something deeper going on.

Maybe WE want to worship politics, and Jesus doesn’t, and maybe the kingdom he keeps talking about is WAY more revolutionary than we think. It’s political, sure… but only in very surprising ways.

Just for your consideration. Have a great day!

– Jamie



I did too!!!

– Pam

Hey, maybe we have something in common, Pam!


Definitely! We both resent how Jesus isn’t prioritizing politics correctly! This is beautiful.

– Pam

Clearly, Jamie is writing from fear and ignorance here. He’s likely uneducated and lacks sophistication.

– Forthepeople2017

NADER/PAUL 2020!!!! That’ll fix everything!!! Our new, REAL hope is NADER/PAUL 2020!!!!!


jesus what u did for that lady made me cry

thank u for standing up for sinners like me

– horsegurl9
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