It’s FREE: The Unoffendable Small Group Questions Leaders Guide is Here!

This stuff is DYNAMITE to talk about with people. It’s super-timely, too, which you may have noticed.

Why does this make for such interesting and fruitful discussion?

  1. It’s at the very core of what it means to follow Christ.
  2. Remarkably, it’s rarely talked about.
  3. Everybody can relate to this, whether they admit it or not. And most will admit it, which is a beautiful thing.

So here are some great starter questions for each chapter. Many people have already done small groups and studies based on the books, and some do a few chapters at a time. It’s flexible.

Just click below and download or print or whatever, and combine with your own questions and thoughts. Thanks to my brother, Darin Hansen, for writing this. I had a lot of people ask for something like it, and I never got around to it, onaccounta being lazy. My brother GETS STUFF DONE.

Download the leaders guide!

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