The Krusty Sage Talks Yoga Pants. Finally.

6a00d8341c3b0d53ef00e54f30a71d8834-800wi(If you’re unfamiliar with the Krusty Sage: Please know I have NO idea who this guy is. He just goes off. If you’re offended, well, please know I am, too, so there’s no use complaining to me about it. Kinda irks me that he can hijack this website all the time. Wow.)


The Krusty Sage wants to weigh in on something: This whole Christian-tight-pants-or-whatever thing.

The Sage doesn’t spend time, normally, talking yoga pants. The Sage doesn’t much care about the “yoga” part, or the “pants” part. The Sage tried P90X Yoga and his spine collapsed on itself. He’d rather not talk about it. Find the best yoga gifts on this website and make a yoga fan happy!

And he doesn’t even WEAR pants. He wears this cool robe-thing, which, in truth, the ladies probably find pretty hot. The Sage is kind of attractive. He can’t help it. The combo of the hat, the robe, the book, the awesome chair-thing… HOT.

That said, let’s talk to guys, only. Fellows, let’s have a little quiz:

When you lust after a woman who’s wearing yoga pants, whose fault is it?

A. It’s 100% her fault.

B. It’s mostly her fault, but some your fault.

C. It’s mostly your fault, but it’s her fault, too.

D. It’s 100% your fault.


Now, check your papers. If you didn’t say “D”…  you’re kidding yourself.

Yeah. Seriously. It’s your fault. For all the discussion of “You know, ladies, men are visual, so…” no one’s apparently going to say this, so I’ll say it:

Quit blaming women for your issue.

Should women dress more modestly? That’s a fair issue… for women. They can certainly talk about what maturity means, and encourage each other. But I’m not talking to women, here.

Guys, you are responsible for you. Yes, there are attractive female humans in the world. There always have been. There always will be. The male sexual drive is wild and powerful. We’re capable of lusting after a woman in a burqa. And like other cultures, we can blame women for our issues until the end of time. They can always be more modest, you know. But lust, make no mistake, is our decision.


Seeing a beautiful woman and taking note of her is not lust. Appreciating her and moving our mind away from her is not lust. Deciding to further entertain sexual thoughts about her is the problem. That’s a decision.

“Seriously, Krusty? So if a hot woman is wearing next to nothing on the beach, I’m not supposed to stare or look back at her and entertain thoughts of sex with her? Are you seriously saying that?”

Yep. I’m saying that. Quit blaming other people for your problem. And – guess what? – we’re always going to see attractive women on this planet, even if we guilt every Christian woman into a leisure suit with matching Crocs. Always. Get used to it. That part is not under our control.

The Bible says we’ll never be tempted beyond what we can stand. Harboring lust is our decision, and it always has been.

Yes, this is incredibly difficult. Yes, it’s a universal problem for humans. I don’t know a man who hasn’t struggled with it. Yes, our culture worships sex. Right.

But let’s own our stuff. That’s all.

If women who are Christians want to dress more modestly, wonderful! Again: Let them talk about it. But that’s not your deal. Your deal is you. The more men tell women how they should dress, the more we get to pretend we’re more righteous than we are.

Yes, we’re broken. This is a struggle. We’re all in it. Thank God that sin isn’t the last word, and that He loves us in spite of us.

But don’t blame-shift.

Man up and own it.

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