Why Did Brant Accidentally Crash a Press Conference at City Hall?

Brant Press Conference

Weeks ago, my wife was attacked on our street.

I haven’t talked about this on the show, for several reasons. But I’m talking about it today.

She was attacked, and we couldn’t seem to get the police to do anything about it. The attacker still walks around our neighborhood. We’ve contacted police repeatedly with photos, descriptions of the assailant, even his address.

He threw a hammer at her, then attacked her in broad daylight. She’s okay, thank the Lord.

Yesterday, a man was murdered on our street, two blocks from where my wife was attacked here in Harrisburg. He was hit in the head with some kind of object as he was returning home from a wedding.

So I gave up trying phone and email routes to the police to do something. I went to City Hall to try to talk to someone.


When I walked in the lobby, there was a press conference happening right in front of me. I had no idea this was happening, but it seemed providential. You can watch what happened on the video here at this link.

I honestly didn’t know what else to do. There’s something that happens when your wife is attacked. I’m not angry. I want action.

We have prayed for the attacker. We want him to be treated justly and mercifully. If he’s mentally disturbed, we hope he gets the treatment he’s been missing, and comes to know the goodness of the God who loves him.

Please pray for our neighborhood. We love these people. We’re so glad it’s diverse; young and old, black and white. Imagine if peace broke out here. Real peace.

Thanks for your prayers of protection, too. But we’re not fearful. We’re hopeful.

Read the whole news story on the Harrisburg news page.

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