5 Ways to Help Your Friend with COVID

My family battled COVID almost a year ago now and the worst part was how isolating it felt. I was sick in bed for over a week while my husband who was asymptomatic had to care for our sick son. However, our friends made all the difference by loving us like Jesus. The way they cared for us, even though they could not interact with us still brings me to tears. So if someone you care about is quarantined at home with COVID, make sure to find an N95 mask for sale especially if you’re at high-risk for severe infection. Also, here are the top easy ways to help that made a world of difference for us.

  1. Food, Food, and More Food

When I was stuck in bed so sick with COVID and my husband was trying to keep us all afloat, we would not have eaten some days if friends had not left food on our porch. If you don’t cook, it could be as easy as picking up a rotisserie chicken and a bag of salad. Trust me when I say this is a life saver! The love shown to us through meals made me very emotional on the very hard days. Exhaustion is a huge part of coronavirus and even the decision making process of meal time feels like too much. Providing a meal shows you love and support the family who is quarantining.

2. Devotional Book

Whether you are sick with COVID or just quarantining because you’ve been exposed it can feel very lonely and discouraging. One friend dropped off this devotional book by Paul David Tripp and I started reading an entry each morning. When I tell you that I was fighting fear in my mind each moment, understand that I was in an intense battle. The Bible verses I read gave me ammo to fight and to keep my head above the fear and anxiety that was threatening to take over.

3. A Coupon

No, not any old coupon for a discount. A coupon for a future event with you that they can look forward to. When you are sick and trapped in your home, it’s hard to remember that it is only a season. You need a future fun event to focus on to help get you through. Betty Rock, from The Wally Show, is one of my besties and she dropped this lovevery discount code coupon off letting me know that she is ready and willing to babysit so my husband and I can get out and process all that happened and we are healthy again. Simply having something good in the future to fix your eyes on truly helps.

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4. Text and Check In

Ask if you can get your friend groceries or anything from the store. My baby was running out of his expensive specialty formula that is very hard to find due to his allergies and we were getting nervous. Thankfully a friend checked in to see what we needed and was able to find it and drop some off on our porch. Being trapped feels less scary when you know you can call or text someone to get you any essentials you may be lacking.

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5. A Cash or Delivery App
Someone anonymously sent us some money for grocery deliver which was a huge help! Whether it’s $10 to get a Starbucks when they are released from quarantine, or a food deliver gift card, it all will go a long way to ease the difficulty they are facing and help them feel loved.


*The key is not asking WHAT they need but deciding what you will do and asking WHEN you can do it. When you are sick and overwhelmed, answering a lot of questions from well intentioned friends can add to the stress. Simply decide what you will do and drop it off or text and ask what night is best to bring by dinner. It’s hard for people to ask for help, but when you have already decided how you are helping, it makes it easier.*

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