Don’t Miss Joy Singing the National Anthem at an NBA Game!

You can do things that scare you.
If anxiety and fear tend to get the best of you, I understand that feeling. As much as I struggle with fear, I don’t want it to rule my life.
When I found out I would be singing the national anthem at an NBA game instead f a minor league baseball game, my first instinct was GET OUT OF IT! But I knew that was my fear talking. Even if I bombed, at least I would know I tried. Something about being a mom now has pushed me to live out the words I tell my son about bravery. It is simply doing things even when you are scared.
So I said yes and practiced gratitude while thinking about what could go right and not just what could go wrong. It wasn’t perfect, but I’m so thankful for this crazy, wonderful opportunity and lesson from God. I didn’t pass out or even forget the words! Thanks for helping to cheer me on!


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