The Letter Your Sleepless Child Can’t Write Yet…

Dear Mommy & Daddy,

    I’m really sorry I keep waking up in the middle of the night. Sleeping is hard when you’re a kid. I rolled over at like 2 AM & it was dark & scary… The quiet of night makes every little noise stand out & my little brain starts to become paranoid. Is that a monster under my bed? Is it a shark in my bathtub? Could it be a snake slithering in my room for a midnight snack? I yell & seconds later you’re there. I’m relieved to see you, but I still cry… When you bust into my room it’s like being rescued just in time. You assure me that everything is alright & we hug. You try to explain that Monsters aren’t real or that snakes don’t live indoors, but ultimately I can’t bear the thought of going to sleep without you after all that fright. When you pick me up, I immediately begin to relax because I know we’re headed to your room. I love sleeping in the middle! Its the deepest most restful sleep there is… I’m fully aware of how difficult it is for you to get rest with my leg digging in your back, but I’m just too tired move. Sorry about that. I’m also sorry your so tired during the day. I know its hard for you. I’ll do my best tomorrow night to be brave… Just know that all this midnight hour chaos deepens my love for you! You’re my hero! I love you! You’re appreciated! Thank you! You won’t be a walking zombie forever…but you might have to be one again tonight. 


Your Son or Daughter

My name is CJ & my daughter has slept a total of 5 mins in the last month…

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