The Secret To Talking To Your Kids About Worry

Dealing with a pandemic caused higher levels of worry in all of us, including our kids! Dr. Josh Straub shares the secret to getting your kids to open up about their fears and the necessary techniques needed to respond. The tools he shares are also applicable for us as we navigate our own worries. Straub’s words of wisdom come from his new children’s book called “What Do I Do With Worry?” 

At 11:15
“Neurobiological research has found that worry and gratitude cannot coexist in your brain. So when you are living gratefully and you are saying, “I am grateful for the beautiful sun, the flowers, and the trees. I am grateful for breath and food! When you are grateful for the things around you it pushes worry out of your brain!”

And I think that’s what Paul was getting at when he says in Philippians 4, “If you go to God with thanksgiving and you are thanking God that He is a good God, that he takes care of the birds of the air -how much more does he take care of you? Then a peace that surpasses all understanding will guard ours hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. There is a supernatural component to Philippians 4. But there is also a finite component as well. You have the power as a parent to help calm you child’s brain by simply being safe and allowing them name their worry with you.”


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