This Lauren Daigle Contest Winner Got the Surprise of Her Life!

Fairytale love stories are not real…or are they?

Buckle up my friend, because I’m about to share with you the exciting story of how we planned a secret proposal that 2 WAY-FM contest winners will never forget!

Joy here, and when I called a guy named Scott to tell him that he won WAY-FM’s Lauren Daigle/Hot Air Balloon Contest, I never expected that it would become the biggest day of his life! His girlfriend Anne is the whole reason he started listening to WAY-FM and she is the biggest Lauren Daigle fan! He only entered the contest to try to win it for her. (Only the sweetest thing to say EVER, am I right?)

So, I took a big, nosey jump and asked, “How serious is the relationship, Scott?” As Scott told me how much he adored Ann, I got even bolder and hinted that maybe a hot air balloon ride with Ann’s favorite artist would be the perfect backdrop to pop the big question. I only meant it as a joke, but suddenly Scott got really serious and I realized… this might actually happen!

Scott revealed to us that he had already been planning a surprise engagement at a hot air ballon festival because Ann loves hot air balloons so much.

This. Was. Perfect!!

We worked behind the scenes with Lauren Daigle and got her in on the surprise. Ann had NO idea. The rest is history!

Check out the video of their amazing moment and help us congratulate Scott and Ann on their engagement! 💍❤️


Special thanks to Lauren Daigle and Centricity Music for making this possible! ❤️


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