Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed by the Poverty in the World?

David had a sponsor before who unfortunately dropped him.

We were talking to David about what it would mean to him to have a sponsor again someday and we asked him, “What would you tell your sponsor?”

Bekah from The Wally Show tells this story of meeting a little boy in Ghana named David who changed her perspective on poverty.


He said, “I would tell my sponsor to take care of me until I grow up and until I’m out of the Compassion program.”

So often I think, “There’s nothing I can do. There’s this big problem of poverty and I am helpless against it.” But these kids – they don’t need a million dollars. They don’t need all the time in the world. They just need a little bit of consistency. That’s what David was looking for and that’s what we can provide these kids.

It happens one at a time and it grows exponentially… and it’s helping these kids grow up to be world changers.


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