How Can You Help People Suffering From the Hurricane Aftermath in Haiti?


We know it’s often confusing when you want to help, but don’t know how. Even as Hurricane Matthew leaves the US, we are only now beginning to see the devastation left in Haiti.

Here are 2 trusted ministries that WAY-FM works with closely. Know that when you give to either one, you are truly making a difference for people Haiti.

1. Compassion International

Because of their 293 church partners in Haiti, Compassion is able to quickly get the money you donate into the hands of those in Haiti providing relief and assistance. They’re preparing to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti.

Through your donation you can provide such immediate needs as:

  • Medical aid and supplies
  • Water and basic sanitation needs
  • Emergency food
  • Build or provide temporary shelters
  • 86,000 children and their families participate in 293 church-based child development centers in Haiti.
Support Compassion International


2. Samaritan’s Purse

They’re is already working around the clock in Haiti, where Matthew was the most powerful storm in over 50 years — killing hundreds, washing out bridges and roads, and demolishing countless homes. Within hours after Matthew left Haiti, Samaritan’s Purse loaded a DC-8 cargo jet with 20 tons of tarps, blankets, water filters, and other emergency supplies and flew to Haiti— navigating around the immense storm on the way. Another planeload landed over the weekend, and there will be more in the days to come.

Support Samaritan’s Purse


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