5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer

Job interviews are stressful enough on their own. But when the person interviewing you turns the tables with, “Do you have any questions for me?” it can lead to a full-blown moment of panic as you try to remember anything outside of your rehearsed answers to their questions.

A woman named Kyyah Abdul shared the 5 questions she always asks a potential employer. You can watch her video or read her 5 questions below. I know I am definitely taking notes for people in my life with interviews coming up!

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1. How do you and senior leadership respond to errors in the workplace?

A large part of being human is making mistakes! We’re all going to slip up at some point in our jobs. Seeing that your supervisors will guide you through an error to help you do better next time is one sign of a healthy workplace.

2. What percentage of the team has personal commitments outside of work, and how flexible is the organization in allowing employees to make such commitments?

I have a chronically ill husband. WayFM has been so gracious with me over the years as I’ve juggled doctor’s appointments and surgeries. Asking this question helps you gauge whether or not it will be a family-friendly environment.

3. Given the industry, I understand this role may call for a fluctuating work week. Can you tell me how many late nights and weekends you have worked in the past 3 months?

It’s normal to have times when the work just needs to get done. It’s normal to have to go beyond the usual 9-5 on occasion. What’s NOT normal is when that becomes the rule instead of the exception.

Plus, if the job does have a higher expectation of working late hours or weekends, that gives you room to negotiate on salary.

4. How long have you been in the organization, and how many job titles have you held?

It’s always nice to see that there’s room for growth!

5. Is there anything in my resume or anything we discussed today that instills doubts in my capabilities to excel in this role?

According to Kyyah and several commenters on her video, this question has stopped interviewers in their tracks. Sometimes, you don’t get the job because there was a misunderstanding that could’ve easily been managed with this question. And if you have any gaps in your resume or other oddities, it’s better to be able to address it head-on.



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