The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Based On Your Love Language

Loving your partner well is as easy as learning what fills their emotional cup the most and focusing on that. We all have primary and secondary love languages. If you want to discover what yours is then take the free quiz.

Words of Affirmation

1. Write a letter telling them just how much they mean to you.

This is actually what I am choosing to do for my husband this year since words mean the most to him. It’s free and can be such an encouragement.

2. Sticky note attack.

Whether it’s their bathroom mirror, car, or computer leaving small notes of encouragement where they will see will make their day!

3. Text them things you love about them throughout the day.

While this seems small, if they are filled up by hearing your kind words it will be the best gift for them to receive!

Acts of Service

1. Detail their car.

If you do not have time for this then pay to have their car washed and cleaned inside and out. This small gesture will remind them of your love every time they get into their clean car!

2. Having their favorite outfit dry cleaned.

While it takes time to drop it off and pick it up, this will show your loved one you were thinking of them!

3. Clean that area of the house that always seems to get messy.

If the dining room table seems to become a catch all then take the initiative to clean it off and organize what is there for your spouse.


1. Buy them an item you know they’ve been wanting.

Have they mentioned they need a new jacket or that they really want a new watch?  Pay attention to their favorite brands and what they have mentioned and show you were listening.

2. Buy them a small magnet or keychain from somewhere you created a memory or visited.

If you have a favorite coffee shop you visit often together then go grab them a mug from there. Wherever you have spent time together show them that you remember it.

3. Give them a random gift on another day.

While Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate each other, this love language feels most loved when you do something just because and not just for the holiday.


1. Book a couple’s massage.

Let the professionals help you both relax.

2. Watch a movie and cuddle with them.

This is a mix of quality time and touch. Even just holding hands while watching a movie can mean so much.

3. Get them a home spa kit.

Whether it’s bath bombs, face masks, or new razors creating your own at home spa kit is a creative way to show you care.


1. Take a day off work together and explore your own city.

They will feel so loved that you put them before work and chose to spend a whole uninterrupted day with them.

2. Plan a roadtrip.

You could go visit a new city together or some friends in another state, but the time in the car on the road trip will create lots of space for good conversation.

3. Carve out a few hours in a day and try something you know your spouse loves.

If your partner is really into golf, maybe you go play a round with them. Ask them to show you their favorite coffee shop or restaurant you’ve never been to. Put some effort into learning about or sharing in something that makes them happy.



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