What Danny Gokey’s Son Said During The Blessing Is Hilarious And Adorable

Danny Gokey joins me in Episode 32 of the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind his new album, “Rise.”   He also explains what his son said while praying over their meal that was both hilarious and adorable.

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When I pray for my son, I declare things over him… It’s important that we be a voice in our kid’s life because there’s other voices. And like when I was younger, there was voice in my head telling me I was ugly…

So I decided I’m going to be a voice and I’m going to tell him he’s a handsome man. That he’s a leader. That he loves God. That he’s dedicated to God. And I say these things every night.

Well now when my son went to go pray he’s like, “Dear Jesus, you’re handsome. Thank you for french fries…” It’s so funny because he’s like, “Dear God, you’re so nice.” I find it to be the cutest thing in the world.

– Danny Gokey


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