Breast Cancer 3 Day 60 Mile Walk Day 1

3 day open

My wife, Mardi, and I do the Breast Cancer 3 Day every year in memory of her mother who I affectionately called “Crazy Myra.”  To say she was an amazing woman would be an understatement.  You couldn't talk to her for more than half an hour without her telling you how good God was even in the midst of her brutal battle with this horrible disease.  My wife walks to help keep her memory alive and to make a difference for others.  I walk in the hopes that my wife, the love of my life, will never have to walk in those footsteps of her mom.  That is a  path no one should ever have to take.  I walk for her and for the other great love in my life my daughter, Haille.  I have seen what losing a mom to cancer does to a daughter and I never want Haille to feel that kind of on going hurt.

 3 day fla wife 3 day flag daughter

3 day wally rain 

The good news, it wasn't hot.  The bad new is…it wasn't hot because
it rained.  By the way the reason the rain suit is so tight I have a
backpack on under it…I swear.

3 day m w 

This picture was taken at about 6 miles and before the blisters.  20 miles down.  Only 2 days and 40 miles to go!!!


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