Breast Cancer 3 Day 60 Mile Walk Day 2


Feet Don't fail me now.  Day 2 started off cold but dry with over 2,200 people putting one foot in front of the other.


Sadly the rest of me is as white as my foot


Ironically the blisters weren't my worst injury of the day.  That came when my lovely wife slammed my finger in the door of the porta potty


One of the coolest yet saddest parts of the walk is the memorial tent.  People who have lost loved ones will write a note on this tent and the tent travels with the 3 day from town to town.  It is especially hard for me to be there with my wife and watch the full weight of the loss of her mother hit her and all I can do i hug her and cry with her.


As I read what my wife wrote it floored me.  She singed it your BB.  That is what her mom called her.  Here is a grown woman who is a great wife and an amazing mother in her own right but she is also a daughter who's misses her mother terribly and would give anything to talk to her just one more time.

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