Getting Our Guatemala On.

We are near Antigua in Guatemala with Mission Discovery and the winner of our “ The Word with Friends” contest, Hunter.  Hunter is a cool 19 year old kid from Colorado Springs who said this experience has forever changed him. (Hunter is the tall one by the way)

There is something about seeing and serving the people Jesus called the least of these that will do that for you.

One of the reasons we did our “The Word with Friends” contest was to not only help meet the physical needs of people here in Guatemala, but also to give them a New Living Translation of the Bible in their Language.

We visited a school here that was born out of a feeding program.  In countries like Guatemala, while feeding people takes care of their physical needs at the moment, education is what helps give them the ability to break the cycle of poverty and feed themselves.  It is the whole give a man a fish theory.

The amazing thing is these kids are not even in school now.  This is their break, but here going to school is a privilege not a chore, so they were more than happy to come to school on their summer break to meet us.

We got a chance to eat breakfast with the kids which was great, but in the end someone had to do the dishes for all 125 kids….I lost

I hope my wife doesn’t see this, I convinced her 20 years ago I didn’t know how to do dishes.

Katie noticed something really interesting while she was not helping me do the dishes.  She noticed there was almost not food in the trash.  It is hard to tell but there is only about an inch of food in that bucket.  So little went to waste as these kids understand the blessing of a good hot meal.

If you have never been on a mission trip I highly recommend it.  It will change the way you view God and even your own faith.  If your church doesn’t have any trips planned you can contact Mission Discovery as they have mission trips going to various places year round.

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