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Want to get 2 free plane tickets to anywhere in the world? Just answer the question below to start racking up your Wally Show frequent flyer miles. We'll post a new question every day through October 26. If you earn the most miles with correct answers, we'll put you in a drawing for our Grand Prize: Two round trip plane tickets to anywhere you want to go, up to $1,500 in value! It's that easy!

Anyone who earns 1,000 miles or more will obtain Gold Status and will be put in a drawing for one of 20 Chronological Life Application Study Bibles we're giving out as well.

Make sure you check back every day, as the miles awarded for each question will climb!

Check out all the official rules here. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced October 29. Sponsored by the Chronological Life Application Study Bible.


Announcing the winner!


Previous Answers

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Monday: John the Baptist was born. (100 points)
  Jesus was born.
  Paul was born.
Tuesday: Jesus heals a paralyzed man.
  Jesus heals lame man by pool.
  Jesus heals a man with leprosy. (200 points)
Wednesday: Jesus turns water into wine.
  Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness. (300 points)
  Jesus talks to the woman at the well.
Thursday: Sumo wrestling began in Japan. (400 points)
  Mary, Mother of Jesus, was born. (also counted correct, 400 points)
  Herod the Great died.
Friday: Jesus curses the fig tree.
  Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.
  Herod kills John the baptist. (500 points)
Monday: Fire destroyed Rome.
  Paul wrote Galatians. (600 points)
  John wrote the Gospel of John.
Tuesday: The Trojan Horse was built. (700 points)
  David was anointed king.
  Philistines landed on the coast of Canan.
Wednesday: Jesus talked to the woman at the well. (800 points)
  Jesus chose the 12 disciples.
  Jesus healed the man who was born blind.
Thursday: The Israelites build a golden calf.
  Moses strikes the rock to produce water. (900 points)
  Job's faith is tested by the devil. (also counted correct, 900 points)
Friday: Daniel taken into captivity in Babylon.
  Israel divides into two kingdoms. (1,000 points)
  Jonah begins his ministry.


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