Help feed 1,000 refugee children this Christmas season!

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Your WAY-FM’s 2016 Year-End Pledge Drive is just one week away!

And this year, your Pledge Drive Launch investment – which will help build critical momentum for the Pledge Drive – can have an even bigger impact!

That’s because your gift today can impact more lives through the ministry of your WAY-FM and feed a hungry child fleeing war-torn South Sudan this Christmas season.

Here’s how it works:

  • You make an investment of $100 or more to help launch the Pledge Drive
  • WAY-FM’s ministry partner, Feed The Hungry, will provide one month of critical meals to a child who’s been forced to leave behind their family, their home, and all of their belongings to flee the war in South Sudan.
  • You celebrate this Christmas knowing you impacted lives locally and around the world.

And the great part is 100% of your investment stays with your WAY-FM!

But the Pledge Drive is only one week away, and your WAY-FM is still short of the $100,000 Launch Goal.

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So give your best investment today to help reach the goal – and see meals provided for 1,000 refugee children this Christmas season.

Thank you for investing today!