Find Your Next Favorite Song: New Song Listing

Have you ever heard a song for the first time that immediately made you want to put it on repeat? Here are some of the newest songs on WayFM and the stories behind them!

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Crowder – In The House

“As we started writing this song, we start talking about what’s amazing when it comes to church.  It’s grace, it’s acceptance, it’s being seen, and known, and loved” -David Crowder


Besides his amazing music, we also love our conversations with Crowder and all the twists and turns they take!

Jordan St Cyr – Weary Traveler

“We were never meant to walk in our struggle alone.  I believe one day, we’ll find complete rest and healing when Jesus calls us by name and that one day soon, we are going to make it home” – Jordan St Cyr


Last year, Jordan sat down with Bekah and they discussed where God is in our fires.

MercyMe – On Our Way

“We all wake up tired, we all wake up broken from the day before and the mistakes made but this song is a reminder that we don’t go through this alone and that we are on our way for what He has for you” Mike of MercyMe


Songs from a mug gets INCREDIBLE with MercyMe joins in

Micah Tyler – Walking Free

“Walking Free is an anthem that I’ve been shouting in my own life and I can’t wait to invite other people to join in as we run this race together. So let’s share the Gospel of freedom one step at at time.” -Micah Tyler


To learn more about Ground 40 and their ministry visit:

Riley Clemmons – For the Good

“God is working things together for the good, no matter what you’re walking through right now especially coming out of a tough season of the past year and a half or so. So be reminded that good things are working together, that God has got you. ” -Riley Clemmons


Riley just loves singing about God’s hope!

TobyMac – Promised Land

“The lyric of this song lands exactly where I want my life to land. Our promised land is really no land at all, but a relationship with a King who loves us deeply. Maybe the promised land isn’t a place at all, but a person named Jesus” -TobyMac


Toby also released music that showed the struggle that comes on the journey to find hope. Click here to listen to his song 21 Years.