Find Your Next Favorite Song: New Song Listing

Have you ever heard a song for the first time that immediately made you want to put it on repeat? Here are some of the newest songs on WayFM and the stories behind them!

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Crowder – Good God Almighty

“I don’t know  about you, but after the year we’ve just had, I gotta sing something that reminds me of what’s true. And what’s true is: God is God. He’s still on the throne, and He is good.” -David Crowder


Besides his amazing music, we also love our conversations with Crowder and all the twists and turns they take!

Anne Wilson – My Jesus

“When I came to Know Him, I quickly realized that Jesus is a personal Jesus. What I really want people to know and understand when they listen to this song is that Jesus can be personal for them, too. He can be their Jesus; and He’s going to carry them through every tragedy and every loss they go through” – Anne Wilson


If you want to hear Anne’s full story behind this song, you can hear her share it here 

CAIN – Yes He Can

“I think in scripture that’s what God does all the time. He always pulls us back and says remember I am the God who let you out of Egypt, who saved your people. He reminds us all the time of the things that He’s done and I think it just naturally builds your faith as a by product.  The best way to have faith through future is to look back and remember what all God has done.” Taylor Cain


You can watch just how talented and fun CAIN is as they do Songs from a Mug

Lauren Daigle – Hold On to Me

“The thing that I love about this song is that it lends its voice to someone who is feeling incredibly vulnerable, someone who is feeling super insecure, uncertain. Sometimes when you forget who you are, it is the people around you, or it is God saying, ‘Hey, this is important. This is the quality of life that you bring to the table.’  And in a time when the world may seem uncertain and the future might look very unknown, this is a song of hope that any person can cling to as a truth.” -Lauren Daigle


Lauren sat down with us a few years ago to talk about what she learned in her season of rest. 

MercyMe – Say I Won’t

“I started writing ‘Say I Won’t’ about a year ago. It all started with acknowledging grace and identity and understanding who we are in Christ and how there’s a lot of Christians out there that forget that the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead now dwells inside of us 24 hours a day. The second you realize that, everything changes.” -Bart from MercyMe


A friend of the band named Gary Miracle was featured in the music video because of how he’s lived this message out. Watch his inspiring story here. 

CeCe Winans-Believe For It

“The song challenges people to not brush off your dreams; don’t give up or give in, but it’s time to believe that you can make it. Believe that you can achieve what’s in your heart. It’s time to believe for wholeness and healing for yourself, your family, and your community. It’s time to believe for unity.” – CeCe Winans


Along with Carrie Underwood, CeCe preached Jesus at the American Country Music Awards

TobyMac – Help is On the Way

“For the last year and a half, I’ve walked through the darkest valley of my life as we lost our firstborn son, Truett. And then the pandemic hit 6 months after that.  I started trying to write songs or just grasp for hope. It took me a while. For a while there, all I was thinking was writing with songs of darkness, songs about being in the valley. Suddenly, I came across this scripture in Psalms that says, ‘God is rolling up His sleeves to come and help us.’

You are not forgotten. God is thinking about you right now. He is rolling up His sleeves on your behalf. And that is a promise you can hold on to.” -TobyMac


Toby also released music that showed the struggle that comes on the journey to find hope. Click here to listen to his song 21 Years. 

We The Kingdom – Child of Love

“I was running so hard from God….looking for anything to numb the pain inside of me.  And through addiction and all manner of things that I was hiding behind, God met me, and He came in the midst of all that crazy mess, and He told me that He loved me. He showed me that I was indeed a child of love. And it turned my life around, and I’m so grateful.” -Ed from We the Kingdom


Did you know that We the Kingdom is a family band? We put Ed and his daughter Franni to the test with a game where they got to spray each other with cold water. 

Elevation Worship – Rattle

“I hope RATTLE! gets your heart racing with expectation and the faith to believe for greater things…for impossible things in Jesus’ name.” — Chris Brown, Elevation Worship


So they know their worship songs, but how well does Elevation Worship know Disney songs in a Disney Song Battle?

Evan Craft – Be Alright (feat. Danny Gokey & Redimi2)

 “I love Jesus, music, and Latin America and my goal in my music is to help build the bridge that is being created between Latin America and the US in the church through my music,” Craft says. “If I can bring my stone to build the bridge, then I’m happy.”


Evan also does beautiful Spanish versions of popular worship songs. Here he is singing “Do It Again” in Spanish with Elevation Worship

Matthew West – What If

“As you probably already know, I’m making this the summer of #NoWhatIfs! To make it official though, here’s an entire list of things I want to do before the end of the summer. Send me your lists and we can check them off together. Who knows, you might even inspire me to add to it 🤷‍♂️” – see the whole list on Matthew West’s Instagram


Did you know that Matthew West loves his dog? Here are 5 Christian artists (including Matthew West) who love dogs just as much as you

Phil Wickham – House of the Lord

“The song is so full of joy and thankfulness – reminding our hearts who we are in Jesus.  We no longer have to travel to a holy city and visit a temple to meet with the presence of God.  Through Jesus, we have become the temple.  Wherever we gather, He promises to be there in the midst!  God living inside of us and working through us to bring His kingdom, will, and way out into the world around us.  I just find that when I sing thankfulness into fear, when I sing thankfulness into the darkness, I’m reminded who Jesus is and it fills my heart with joy – because joy is connected not to my circumstance but who I am in Jesus.  May you carry this great calling with courage, love and joy today!” – Phil Wickham


Phil Wickham improvised the perfect acoustic worship session with 3 of his classic worship songs!

Rhett Walker – Gospel Song

“This song is a reminder that God is still in the business of redeeming stories and changing lives. It’s easy to lose our focus and be surrounded with negativity, so I wrote this song to help refocus each day and look to the Gospel and its good news.” – Rhett Walker


Who can identify country hits the best?  Rhett Walker, CAIN, and Zach Williams try their hand in a Country Hits Song Battle!

Tasha Layton-Look What You’ve Done

“There have been times in my life when I thought I was really broken. But when I look back on those seasons, I realize now that God was breaking new ground in me. He was digging things up to get to the roots so that I could ultimately be healed. Painful, yes, but God was doing something new. And in the end, I am so glad He did. That He’ll never stop helping me see who He really is—and who He created me to be. I pray that you when you find yourself in a difficult place, you’ll be reminded that He is working to make you new, whole and more like Him. It’s amazing to think about what God can do in us. He can pull out every root of every lie in our hearts and replace it with His truth. And when I think about that all I want to say is Hallelujah.” – Tasha Layton


Find out why Tasha Layton left the church – and why she came back!