Find Your Next Favorite Song: New Song Listing

Have you ever heard a song for the first time that immediately made you want to put it on repeat? Here are some of the newest songs on WayFM and the stories behind them!

Quick Jump:


Chris Tomlin – Always

“Your mercy is mighty, age after age. All generations will bow down and praise. The Lord is faithful, yesterday, now, and always” – Chris Tomlin


Do you remember the time that Chris Tomlin shared the stage with Florida Georgia Line?

Matthew West – Me On Your Mind

I read the story of the thief on the cross finding forgiveness in his last breaths, and the story of the prodigal son being welcomed back home into the arms of a waiting father, and my heart flooded with this feeling that those stories apply to me” – Matthew West


You love many of Matthew West’s songs.  Did you know he also writes songs for many other Christian artists?

Phil Wickham – Hymn of Heaven

“The song is all about hope for the future but is also a prayer we can all pray together for Jesus to be King in our own lives here and now.”Phil Wickham

A throwback to when Phil Wickham did “Songs from a Mug” from home during the pandemic!

Tasha Layton – How Far

“The song “How Far” is about, even in the middle of us hiding from God or even running from Him, Him continuing to reach out and pursue us. It was God’s love for you that propelled Him to give His life on the cross – arms stretched open wide. That’s how far He will go for you.” -Tasha Layton


Learn why Tasha Layton once left the church – and why she came back!

We Are Messengers – God You Are

“Jesus in His humanity delighted in joy. And He surely delights in ours and the abundant life He’s promised us. But He through His great sacrifice on the cross has also demonstrated that He’s shared in our sorrows and has completely removed every obstacle that would keep us from God. We’ve all drifted pretty far from His shore at times and all needed rescue. His salvation is the port and Jesus is the vessel that rescues us from the wild seas of separation from God. ” -Darren of We Are Messengers

Thankfully, earlier this year, Darren survived a scary car wreck!