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One of the greatest privileges as a radio station is to give encouragement to someone when life isn’t going the way they’d planned; to have a real, honest discussion that lets them know they’re not alone in the fight, and that they WILL make it through it.

Janell has such a story about the Wally Show:

“I wanted to say THANK YOU to Zach and Wally for talking about the grief in losing a child. I have had six pregnancies with one living child. We are beyond grateful for her and God’s mercy, but we do not forget all our other children up in heaven.

“Most of the time you feel that you are grieving alone; you never forget the loss. Like Zach said, some days are better than others, but life keeps moving on around you.

“Thank you for bringing more awareness to this subject of child loss; it is so very hard to go through it and it is also very lonely. I pray for all those who have lost a baby/child; I grieve with them because I know the pain they are going through. We praise God in knowing that our little ones are in heaven with Him and we have the promise of being able to see them again one day!

“Thank you for your show; it always puts a smile on my face!”


It’s encouraging to know that, no matter what difficulties you may be facing, you don’t have to walk them alone!  Other people have walked through similar circumstances and are willing to help you.  We have a community of listeners who are ready and willing to pray for YOU!  You can post your prayer request on the prayer wall here, and if you would like to talk to chat with someone, we have Groundwire coaches available here.

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