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Many times, the impact you can make in a person’s life isn’t a single earth-shattering experience; rather, it’s a steady, everyday influence.  The uplifting messages in the songs played on WAY-FM meet people right where they are in life, and in a way, even become a form of church for them.  Here’s Michele’s story of how God used WAY-FM in her life and in the life of her family:

A few years ago, I was flipping through stations and I landed on WAY-FM.  I didn’t know what it was.  I had never even heard of it.  But I really liked what I was hearing.  It was really a breath of fresh air.  At the time, I was stagnant in my faith.  My husband and I were having a hard time connecting to the church we were members of.  But I remained faithful and went to church (most of the time) with me dragging my family along.  So for about a year, I listened to WAY-FM and even became a monthly giver.  This was a big deal considering I didn’t even buy CDs or download lots of music.  But I fell in love with the music, and it was making such an impact on my life that I wanted to give.  So for a year, I listened in my car.  I would share a song or two with my husband, but mostly just me and my captive audience of kids would listen. It was always a go-to station.

Then my husband asked me to “visit” a new church.  I was unsure, because I felt guilty about leaving the other church, but I agree to go and just see what it was like.  I had been asking and praying that my husband would be the one to lead our family and faith, so I went for him.  We walked into the service, and the music began to play.  It was ALL songs I had been listening to on WAY-FM.  Between the pastor having messages that spoke (I think sometimes directly) to me and the music that still touches me deeply, we never went back to that other church.  I think I cried at every service I went to for the first 6 months. Sometimes, I still cry. I knew God had been preparing me that whole year to make a change.  And that I was finally at “home.”

Since joining this church, we have been in 3 small groups and have begun leading one ourselves.  My husband is a small group leader for 2-3 grade boys.  I have been in several women’s bible studies and other projects.  My children enjoy church, especially my teenager.  He has a deep relationship with his small group and just joined the youth ministry band – yes, playing the songs I began listening to just a few short years ago.  Before WAY-FM, my children sang along with whatever the “popular” songs were on other radio stations.  It made me sad, because the words and messages they were receiving were just wrong.  Now, every day, we listen to music that doesn’t just sound good, but fills them with the hope and love of Christ.  Now when they sing along, it fills my heart.

Thank you, WAY-FM, for your ministry!  You have changed my family forever!!


Thank YOU, Michele, for sharing how God has used WAY-FM to change your family.  We’re thankful that we can provide that consistent, daily encouragement for you.  You are WAY-FM!

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